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March 1st to 3rd

PP: Fatigue, migraine, neck, numbness in both arms and hands, both ankles and arch of foot, right hip/pelvis/lower back, vasculitis, dry itchy eyes, rash on upper arms and upper abdomen.

DPR: Well it looks like the risk of helping the IBS with a cleanse and dietary change either had no impact on the lupus flare OR caused it to happen. I can’t be sure, I was feeling horrible before it started of course. The good news is my heart rate and my IBS have been great (other than being a little backed up due to carbohydrate changes) and I was feeling like that was worth the cravings and a little extra fatigue that was supposed to be temporary. Because I’ve done the dietary route before I know it didn’t flare up a bunch of lupus like symptoms last time so I’m guessing it’s just really crappy timing. While my joints aren’t as bad as they were a month ago the numbness and vasculitis pain including the headache/migraine is back  and this is the first time since diagnosis having a skin rash, that now makes complete sense. I’ve always chalked them up to just having super sensitive skin or having a reaction to a new lotion or soap. I also had pretty severe eczima when I was a kid so I’m no stranger to rashes but it’s still a weird change and almost light bulb moment. Its like finally seeing the picture on one of those kiddie connect the dot activity books. At first all these little things were their own random occasional problem now they all make sense and paint a pretty clear picture…. its from the lupus.


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