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February 27th to 29th

PP:Head to toe stiffness and soreness, both arms tingling, tension headache, nausea and vomiting, vasculitus especially upper body, IBS…. you name it.

DPR: Saturday started off as a pretty good day, I knew the numbness and swelling veins meant that it most likely wouldn’t end that way. Sitting through the car ride into the city, getting booked into the hotel and sitting at the wedding itself were tolerable but my back was beginning to really feel it. By the time the dinner was over I was not feeling well and it just got more painful from there. I still tried to push through and make the most of it. Sunday morning I felt like I was dying, both burning pain on the outside and feeling like my bits were all chewed up on the inside. It was a really difficult day getting back home involving many stops along the highway and Mr. Mango talking me through the worst of it. Leap Day was definitely an improvement but I still felt like I was hit by a truck and solid foods were a no go. Broth, chamomile and as much water as I could stand. A good opportunity to start a cleanse. My anxiety was extremely high as well and I’m hoping that is temporary, I was finally in a pretty stable place.


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