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February 16th 2016


PP: Jaw, SI right side, hands, elbows and head all have more pain than usual. Very stiff and ‘cold’ feeling joints that won’t wear off like usual. IBS is horrible today, bloating and indigestion are incredibly uncomfortable along with the sweats.

DPR: I slept decently today and the fatigue is better, I am hoping that this is a sign that the lupus flare up is dying down, but who knows. The IBS however is going strong, something that is pretty usual for during/around “that time” of the month. I know this but it still causes more than just the physical symptoms, emotionally it has a huge effect too and while anxiety is low again (also usual for when that time finally hits after weeks of being worse) it really is pushing the depression worse. I really have to make an appointment with my “general doctor” as my rheumatologist referred to him as to deal with a treatment plan there as well as migraine help (since the new meds do nothing….). I am worried about going back on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds but I also know I can’t risk going back into that dark pit. Not for myself and not for m family. While my hands still aren’t working great, and the small amount of work they did today felt wierd and increased wrist pain I am happy to say, supper is all ready in the slow cooker and all I have to do is boil some water and turn on the oven. Some R&R tonight should at least lighten my mood and give me some time to at least stretch out my guts (believe it or not, it does help in my case).


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