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Of course ‘shark week’ gets here today!

Bear with me. If you are male or sensitive to TMI about woman issues and PMS then this may not be the right read for with your morning coffee….

As if it’s not already difficult enough. Let’s add one more thing to the list of reasons to feel even less frisky.

I don’t know how it works for every woman but I know for a fact all my symptoms get that much worse right around “that time of the month.” Maybe just maybe that is why this week has been so harsh.

While I feel a tad relieved that it FINALLY is here and a little hopeful that while/after it runs its course my flare up will start to dwindle away (fingers and toes crossed, figuratively of course cause, well….), it’s friggin Valentines day!!!! Timing couldn’t possibly be any worse.

I’ve been waiting for Aunt Flow to visit for almost two months now, between stress, pain, hormone imbalances and who knows what else, there has been no way of telling when she’ll come a calling. All of a sudden the cramps hit and I know that soon I’ll be stuck seeing red.

Then of course it all makes sense.

“Oooohhhh, that’s why I cried when I forgot to put honey in my tea!”

Now on top of being sick and tired, there’s something else in the way of feeling romantic. I mean nothing says sexy like granny panties and heating pads…. NOT.

While we had nothing epic and “Ooo La La SEXY” planned, it still really is a bummer.

I guess I can see something positive. Tomorrow is a holiday and all the chocolate will be 50% off…

PMS ranting aside we really do plan to make the most of the day. Last night while continuing our GoT binge Mr. Mango and I talked about today’s supper and some light fun plans with the kids and what I can or can’t do at the moment. We’re getting better at coming up with a plan of attack for important things and how we’re going to work together to still make the most of special days before having to wing it and turn it into chaos.

While going ice fishing is out of the question, it is warming up a tad and we will be having a bonfire (which I can watch with Little Dude inside) a very yummy sounding Mardi Gras themed supper and some fun making each other special valentines cards. Once the tots are in bed I’m assuming we’ll be watching The Boondock Saints (a necessity this week).

Low key, low expectation but high in love and hi in affection.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope that whether you woke up with many spoons or very few, you are able to find some joy and love today, and of course every other day.



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