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February 8th and 9th 2016

So inevitably this will happen, fatigue will get too daunting or I’ll simply not want to dwell on the pain and be able to will myself to quickly type it in. Yesterdays symptoms and todays are similar so I don’t see a long term issue ‘smoothing’ some days together and I don’t think the doc will either.

PP: Tension headache, neck, both elbows, both shoulders (very mild compared to previously), right SI/hip/pelvis/lower back, right abdominal tenderness and pain on front and back, both feet, both eyes dry and irritated, bloating and gas, nausea, dizziness. Anxiety much higher than usual as well.

DPR: Both days started off with relatively light fatigue compared to the last couple weeks so it has been a welcome break actually being aware while getting the kids ready for school. It is really frustrating that regular NSAIDS aren’t working and any more potent rot my stomach something fierce. My emotions are on high and even with a little less pain the days just seem really hard to get through. I think part of it is the fact that my Dr’s appointment is tomorrow and I’m dealing with a lot of anxiety about it. Pretty much no matter what it’s going to be a downer and the trip into the city is always painful and hard. I do hope I get some sleep tonight simply so I have enough energy and brain power to talk coherently. Praying for answers tomorrow….


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