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February 7th 2016

PP: Ribs, both shoulders, neck (intense and stabbing), head, both feet, both SI and glute (worse on left), left side cramps and sensitive abdomen, dry burning eyes, fatigue.

DPR: Looks like I was wrong thinking the flare was letting up. This morning the fatigue was worse than ever, proving that even the little I did yesterday still exasperated it. Against my usual better judgement I decided to use the heavy duty medications to just get going and manage to move at all. The insane drugged feeling just takes over and leaves me feeling more tired and completely out of control. At least after the haze wears off I get a couple hours of feeling decent, even if it’s short lasting. Whether from habit or guilt that this weekend is kind of a wash I still somehow managed to get supper done today so we could have pizza and watch our one a year football. It is more worth it to put in the effort and deal with the muscle and joint pain than order in or buy pre-made and deal with either having to make my own food or give in and eat something I know my gut will be feeling for days. The medication is well on its way to wearing off and the kids thankfully are about to go to bed so I can take this stupid shirt off. So much for thinking wearing one of those sport tops with built in bras would help with the rib pain. Stretch, physio and bed…. I think so. Crossing my fingers that at the very least, being active today means my brain and body will shut up and I can sleep.


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