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February 6th 2016

PP: Left shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand worse than they ever have been before. Right shoulder and wrist, SI by the end of the day, center both feet, right ankle, bloat, cramping, tension headache, fatigue.

DPR: Considering another very early start to the day again I still managed at least 2 hours of straight sleep earlier in the night so all and all the day didn’t start off too bad. Other than the flare up in my left arm and hand I had a little more energy and my back and SI have felt better than they have for weeks. By early afternoon however fatigue started to set in and IBS issues started to really get worse. The two definitely seem to both come and go at the same times. Had to cancel more strenuous plans and just stick to the basic quick pick up of necessary groceries for the week and have Mr. Mango help me with cooking supper. Now to try and relax through the hockey game, if I sleep now I won’t later and it would just make things worse.

I hate days like this that seem hopeful and like there’s finally a break for family time and not just ‘mommy’s sick she can’t” time. I am practically counting the hours until my Dr appointment. I want answers. I think a mix of the cloudy weather, humid air and overall physical stress is not only doing a number on my body but my mind as well, just hope I can make it out of this flare up before depression really takes hold again like usual.


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