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February 5th 2016

PP: Upper back, shoulders, elbows, wrists (all much worse on the left side, which is unusual), left hand and index finger, right shin, right ankle, both center feet, neck, back of head (migraine is probably on it’s way now).

DPR: I finally got a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. While 2-3 hours may not seem like much compared to the norm, I really am glad. I definitely feel the flare up wearing off, less fatigue and my digestive track is calming down to what is ‘normal’. My upper body specifically my left side is giving a lot of issue today, this is the first time my left side has been repetitively worse than my right more than a day or two in a row. It makes it much more difficult being a lefty. It didn’t stop be from being able to finally enjoy a workout. Sure I still was smart and modified almost everything, and i opted to only do lower body weights during the ‘total body’ section. It has been WEEKS since I have looked forward to a workout and felt like I had energy to actually put real effort into a burn and improvement. Not only that but it gave me energy, oh how I’ve missed that. Lately I’ve kept it up simply out of habit and knowing that not moving enough will hurt more in the long run. It gave me enough energy to get some housework done with the help of Little Dude, who is being a little more understanding today that Mommy can’t carry him (a tantrum last night because I couldn’t hold him up like he wanted almost caused him to crash to the ground). Over the course of the afternoon my muscles on my left arm and shoulder are getting worse and worse to the point my joints are swelling so I don’t know how well tonight is going to go, or making supper for that matter. Right now I’m just trying to dwell on the fact that I have some spoons left to use the rest of my body, play with the kids and spend some quality time cuddling and laughing with Mr. Mango.

Side note, the turmeric in the regular farmer sausage soup is totally awesome. I have been trying to add it in to at least 3-4 meals a week (soups, eggs, strong flavored dishes). It’s worth a try since not only is it supposed to help with swelling and pain but hey it tastes yummy!


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