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February 4th 2016

The first post…

I intend to at least TRY and post daily for the purpose of recording my symptoms to hopefully find some answers in looking back. These daily posts may be small, boring and pointless for anyone else to read but I hope they can help me suss out triggers, helpful habits and an over all trend of everything happening to my body both good and bad.

PP (pain points, where I hurt most daily): SI joint area both above and below pelvic bone on both sides, both shoulders, both central back, both elbows, both center feet, right pointer finger, right knee, right IT band.

DPR (daily progression report, a hopefully short rundown of the day): Did not sleep well at all, woke up very sore, very sad and fatigued to extremes. Took regular morning cocktail (vit D, multi vitamin, fish oil and advil) along with a T3 to see if it would have any effect on the pain. Fatigue got much much much worse at that point, I could barely move, T3 was a mistake. Fatigue wore off and I was relatively pain ‘light’ for the morning and early afternoon. By late afternoon was all returning with a vengeance, did a light workout involving cardio warm up and a long stretching session that felt wonderful by the end. Stretching more this week is hopefully helping this flare go away. I miss my HIIT and I miss my kettle bells…. tonight a hearty soup, resting and more stretching and HOPING to get some Fing sleep!



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